Los Angeles Fashion Week 2016
The retrospective show Revolutionaries is the first Bezgraniz Couture fashion show in the USA. It brought together the best project solutions created for the last 2 years of collaboration with teachers and students of "Clothes Design" course at British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow. The show was the final touch of LA Fashion Week and the organizers had prepared a special surprise for the show spectators: 10 young handsome people on prostheses appeared on the catwalk accompanied by Michael Jackson's song "You're just another part of me" to invite spectators to dance and to take them backstage while dancing.
There was a special casting before the show, 95 amazing handsome people with different types of disability took part in it, they had stated their wish to participate in the show personally or via Internet. The show was supported by celebrities. For the first time after a crucial accident the model and Push Girls TV series star Angela Rockwood appeared on the catwalk and among the spectators you could recognize the first in the world bionic singer and artist from the UK Viktoria Modesta.
Some models covered great distances to present Bezgraniz Couture project in Los Angeles: Christopher McCoy who had lost both legs after the motorbike fuel tank explosion spent 2 days driving to arrive in Los Angeles from another state with only short stops for eating, sleeping and charging his high-tech prostheses. Angel Dixon whose part of the body is paralyzed flew from Australia with her husband and mother after successful participation in the video casting.
Enrique Alvarez was going for 7 hours from another city to try on clothes before the show, then he returned home only to repeat the same way on the day the show took place.

What for? The show models and spectators unanimously agreed that such clothes which are created especially for your body, take into account its peculiarities, help to dress and undress fast and easy, give feeling of comfort during the day and at the same time are bright, fashionable and help people to feel decent and confident are necessary.
"We are happy to work with Bezgraniz CoutureTM project and we are proud to contribute to changing life style and visual aesthetics of people with disability. Our aim is to promote innovative solutions, diversity and inclusion in fashion and our partnership with Bezgraniz CoutureTM allows us to fulfill these ideas at our best", adds Kim Kempien, Los-Angeles Fashion Week director.
On October, 3rd 2016, the next day after the show, Bezgraniz CoutureTM conducted the International Forum "Design for a New Customer for a New Market", at which business leaders, designers, researchers, investors and producers took part. Participants from the UK, Germany, Australia, Russia, Canada, the Netherlands and the USA presented their research results and discussed questions of creating, manufacturing and promoting new products.
Bezgraniz CoutureTM project didn't only bring innovative clothes for the disabled to LA Fashion Week. During the Revolutionaries show for the first time ever the high-tech device A-linker from the Swedish designer Barbara Alink was used on the catwalk. It had been created for people with cerebral palsy, elderly people and people with mobility challenges to be able to move comfortably.
Photo: Michael Hansel —
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