Novatory I Trailblazers

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2016
The collection name "NOVATORY" (Trailblazers) created together with the students of British Higher School of Art and Design contains a lot of meaning. On the one hand, a disabled person is a pioneer and testing new solutions is objective necessity for him/her. On the other hand, when creating models the designers took Avant-garde ideas into account: functionality could be aesthetic and clothes for people with body peculiarities could be beautiful and neatly-shaped.
"Novatory" is the first show at which Bezgraniz CoutureTM in collaboration with BHSAD presented not only functional and high tech clothes but also trendy garments. Moreover, we try to create independent trends and to set a certain tendency in modern fashion development. Adaptive clothing requires innovation and while creating this collection we used materials with high tech polymer coating from the company Covestro.
As last year we asked designers and models themselves — people with disability — to be experts when creating this collection and it represents the approach of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities — Nothing About Us Without Us! Every year we invite active young people to take part in the project as models, they have jobs, hobbies and families. This year among others our models have been members of Russian Paralympic fencing team.

Especially for the show the British top-model with disability Jack Eyers (Models of Diversity agency) arrived in Moscow and the show was supported by the American singer POLINA.
The collection highlight became trousers prototypes for wheelchair users and people with cerebral palsy worked out during the collaborative workshop of Covestrо, Bezgraniz Couture and FreshBlood companies in July 2016. The students of design universities from Austria and Germany took part in their creation.

The show has not only been a premiere of the clothes collection. One of the models appeared on the catwalk using a new for Russia and the whole world invention from the Swedish designer Barbara Alink. This walking bike allows elderly people and people with walking upright challenges to move comfortably.
Image photoshooting
Photo: Yan Yugay. Style: Ekaterina Melnikova.
Hair: Arnika Veto. Make-up: Anna Dyatlova.
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