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About Us 2008 until 2018
Bezgraniz Couture™: A Socially relevant project from 2008 until 2018. Creation of exciting collections of functional modern clothes and accessories for a new customer, for a new market.

Bezgraniz Couture provided fashion that improves quality of life for people with different types of disabilities, and for their family and friends.
We worked in the following areas:
  • Designing and constructing adaptive clothes and establishing pilot productions
  • "Rebranding of Disability" — development of new communications about disabilities
  • Research and development
Participants in our projects included Paralympians, models, celebrities, and public leaders with and without disabilities, and people who inspire others by their example and will power.
From 2008 until 2018 we were developing educational projects in the form of art and innovative workshops designed to break through barriers of the perception of beauty.
Acropolis is an award-winning art project that combines the classical spirit of ancient sculpture with the bodies of models with disabilities presented on a canvas to showcase beauty redefined by the unique complexities of the human body. In this special project, models with disabilities replicate the famous figures of the statues of Acropolis.

The exceptional art form allows people with disabilities to look at themselves and their body as worth artistic, philosophical and intellectual interpretation, as natural, and to be surprised as they explore their own personal perceptions of their own bodies. It allows society to engage in open intellectual conversation about the body and disability in the modern world and challenge its own views and how we define the "norm."
Acropolis: How I found my body
Unique project breaking barriers of beauty perception
Our Impact
We developed education and art projects, design contests and fashion shows designed to inspire a new attitude about the human body.
Press 2008 until 2018
Our Partners 2008 until 2018
Awards 2008 until 2018
"The best social projects of Russia 2016"
Nomination for the award
Snob Award "Made in Russia 2015"
Nomination "Social Projects"
PROBA IPRA Golden World Awards 2015
Grand Prix in the field of Public Relations
"The best social projects of Russia 2015"
Top 30 projects of National Program in the "Personality nomination" category
Festival of Advertising and Marketing Services
"Silver Mercury 2015"
Grand Prix in the nominations "Implementation", "Strategy and efficiency"
Festival of Advertising and Marketing Services
"Silver Mercury 2015"
1st place in the nominations for nonprofit organizations:
"The best creative solution of the social campaign", "Best implementation of the social campaign", "The best strategic decision of the social campaign"
National Award in the field of public relations
"Silver Archer 2015"
1st place in the nomination "The best project in the field of social communications and charity"
The Moscow Times Awards 2014
Shortlist in the category "Personal social responsibility" for the project "Acropolis: how I found my body," and the festival "Without Borders: The body. Society. Culture "
RuNet Award 2013
Shortlist in the category "State and Society"
International Festival IATR 2009 (Academy of Radio and Television)
Grand Prix, Elena Mukhina Prize of Paralympic Committee of Russia
Snob Award "Made in Russia 2012"
Nomination "Social Projects"