Acropolis: how I found my body

Unique project breaking barriers of Beauty perception
On the main photo of the project, the bodies of models with disabilities replicate the famous figures of the ancient Acropolis statues. Backstage photos from the photoshoot, as well as various additional content elements, form an exciting unique art project showcasing the many-sided understanding of Beauty and the variety and complexity of it's forms in the contemporary world.
The project offered people with disability to look at themselves and their body as something worth artistic, philosophical and intellectual interpretation, as something natural, not exceeding the "norm" and people without disability — to be surprised, to explore the limits of their perception of the disabled and to change their point of view on these "other" people.

Around "Acropolis" project the city festival "Bezgraniz: Body. Society. Culture" was organized and it helped to become an efficient tool for inviting as many people as possible to an open intellectual conversation about body and disability in the modern world.
"Acropolis" won in many contests and is regularly displayed in big Moscow international companies' offices and also in Russian cities. It has its virtual implementation as 3plet application for Android and iOS. Based on the project the book "People with Unlimited Abilities" by Vladislav Dorofeev was published where the project participants shared their life stories.
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